About Us

As Comfortex Aluminum and Glass Industries, with our team of experts, we specialize in manufacturing high quality custom alloy Aliminyum profiles and glass systems.

With our ; mold design and production , electrostatic paint, anodized, surfacing , mechanical processing and other facilities integrated , Comfortex provides high quality custom material.

We can also provide a variety of colored , laminated, tempered, grinding ( running in), double and triple glazed , high quality custom cut glass.

Efforts put in quality system analyses , helped us hold the following certifications TS EN 755-1:2016 , ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and QUALANOD.

Our goal in becoming a world known leader in Aliminyum and Glass industry is powered by , our investments in design , research and development.


Supplying quality products and maintaining sustained growth ; through aligning our success oriented team with advanced Aliminyum manufacturing technologies.


Leading the national Aliminyum profile market.

Building a strong organization culture focused on customer satisfaction.

Maintaining an eco friendly approach.

Increasing creative input and support professional development, through a contemporary and non biased Human Resources management.

Efficient use of all resources.
Integrating with our clients , vendors and employees.

Building trust and loyalty with all associates , through an honest business approach and strong work ethics.